Dear Karrot! Thanks for taking the time to see my work!!!

I have chosen two animations that i scored that and think you might enjoy. Please feel free to browse the rest of my site and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more samples of my work.

Talking Ginger Makes Noise (Jernej Zmitek INVIDA, 2015)

A short animation produced by mobile gaming giant Outfit 7. The animation features their cutest and youngest character Ginger and it was aimed for pre-school audience. It did really well on YT having almost 11M views. 

For this animation i have recorded and sampled majority of my kitchen (needless to say my neighbours were not happy) and even went so far to make my own software instrument. All the musical sounds that you here were played, banged, whistled and sung by me. 

Fulfilament (dir.Rhiannon Evans, 2015)

A short stop-motion animation directed by Rhiannon Evans and created at NFTS. A story about a little idea, trying to find his place in the world. The animation won a few awards for Music and Sound: RTS, MPS for Music editing and sound design, German SoundTrack Cologne best score award and Student film best score award.

For this score i recorded a lot of unusual sounds: water glasses, range of different plates, strange toy instruments and try to mix them with conventional musical instruments such as cello synthesiser etc.